Thursday, 12 February 2015

Models Own Colour Chrome - Gold, Silver and Rose

Models Own Colour Chrome Collection Swatches and Review

It's always nice when a beauty product surprises you, and these new Colour Chrome polishes from Models Own have blown me away. There are 10 different metallic colours in this new collection and I have 3 to show you. Click the jump for lots of shiny pictures!

Models Own are one of my favourite brands for nail polish. They fire out lots of exciting collections every season and are always offering new trend colours and special effects. Now I'll be honest and say when I first heard about the Colour Chrome collection, "10 molten metal nail polishes formulated to give a stunning unique liquid metal effect", I was not particularly impressed. Typically I'm not a fan of metallic polishes. I'm a woman of extremes: I like bright solid cremes and big bold glitter bombs and I avoid most things in-between. But then I saw the first swatches of these polishes on Brit Nails and Fundamentally Flawless and I was forced to eat my words. I'd been thinking of metallic pinks, blues and purples and I'd forgotten about the perfect foil trio: yellow gold, rose gold and silver. I've tried gold and silver polishes before but rose golds and coppers are quite rare, plus I wanted to emphasise my love of mixed metal jewellery. Therefore Chrome Rose went straight to the top of my list, and since Models Own were offering a half price discount when buying 5 items, I added Chrome Silver and Chrome Gold to the basket too. Here's the result...

Chrome Gold - 2 coats - No base coat - No top coat

A true gold. Not too yellow, not too white.

Models Own Colour Chrome Gold Nail Polish swatch and review

Models Own Colour Chrome Gold Nail Polish swatch and review

Chrome Silver - 2 coats - No base coat - No top coat

A striking silver. Probably the most flattering of the three for pale skin tones.

Models Own Chrome Silver Nail Polish swatch and review

Models Own Colour Chrome Silver Nail Polish swatch and review

Chrome Rose - 2 coats - No base coat - No top coat

A beautiful rose gold colour. This is the one I was most excited about because rose gold polishes are hard to find. This is pink enough that it won't be confused with the plain gold, but not too pink that it looks... pink. It's definitely coppery.

Models Own Colour Chrome Rose Nail Polish swatch and review

Models Own Colour Chrome Rose Nail Polish swatch and review


By their nature, these chrome effect polishes will reveal every bump, scratch and ridge in the natural nails they are applied to. The best way to achieve a smooth foil-like finish is to buff the nails first with a nail buffer. I used the Models Own 4 Way Nail Buffer (£2.99 - link). Simply rub it across the surface of clean, dry nails to lightly polish away imperfections. Wipe away any excess with nail polish remover and then apply the polish. I recommend skipping the base coat as this can hinder polish application.

Models Own Colour Chrome Gold, Silver, Rose, Nail Buffer

How To Apply

Another very exciting feature of these polishes is the brush. Models Own have included a new flatter, wider brush which makes using these polishes relatively easy. Having said that you do have to be careful. Ideally they should be applied in as few strokes as possible to avoid a streaky finish, so don't be tempted to go over the same area twice. Fortunately these colours are very opaque, in fact I'd say that Chrome Gold and Chrome Silver could be one-coat-wonders, so you may not even need a second coat. Dry time is very quick also. I would say top coat is optional; it does spoil the foil effect slightly but it would help the polish to last longer on the nails.

Models Own Colour Chrome Rose Nail Polish Brush

Overall I'm very happy with these polishes, especially Chrome Rose because it's unique in my collection. Their quality is excellent, and coupled with the wide brush and beautiful shiny bottles, it's hard to believe they cost less than £5 each. I'm excited to wear these together as well, I think they'll be perfect for accenting jewellery and work brilliantly with the current tricolour metal trend.

Colour Chromes are available from the Models Own website and Bottleshops priced at £4.99 each, and are currently 3 for 2 at Superdrug.
Will you be trying them?


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  1. Your swatches are amazing! Your nails are perfect. We think the base coat definitely needs to be missed as it messed up our swatching a bit. Emma & Jo.xx

    1. Thank you so much! That means a lot coming from you guys :) xx

  2. Gorgeous swatches and loved the blogpost, I had similar opinions on these! Especially that at first I wasn't convinced by these - thought they may look a bit dated but, like you, since seeing swatches and trying them myself I'm in love with them!
    I think you chose three beautiful shades, I think they'd look fab together as a gradient or in nail art, they compliment eachother so well! <3

    1. Thanks Sarah! Haha I think I've been forced to admit that the 'strict' rules I had about which polishes I do and don't like.. well they're more like guidelines! xx