Sunday 16 October 2016

A Selection of Nails Inc Swatches

Nails Inc Shimmer Polish Swatches and Review

A bit of a strange post from me today where I just want to show off some really lovely old Nails Inc polishes; even though most of these probably aren't even available to buy anymore - sorry!

Another reason for this post is I was trying to practice using my new camera! I shouldn't even call it 'new' anymore, I've had it for quite a few months now but it's taken me that long to find the auto-focus menu...... I know - I need to keep practicing. If anyone can recommend a good guide for photography beginners I would really appreciate it!

As you can see; all of these polishes are in the old cylindrical Nails Inc bottles with the old logo. I think I picked these up in one of their Lucky Dip £20 sales a while ago (sign up to the Nails Inc mailing list as they still have these sales now and again). As I said, I think all of these shades have since been discontinued but you might pick them up by chance in TK Maxx / eBay / Amazon.

New King's Road

2 coats - no top coat
This is a really dense, highly-pigmented, navy blue creme polish with a fine green/gold shimmer throughout. Not to be confused with 'King's Road' which is a gorgeous rose gold foil-effect polish also by Nails Inc. The shimmer particles are really small and subtle but they do give this shade some extra dimension; it's definitely not a flat dark blue. Of course with rich, dark blues like this there is a risk of staining. I didn't notice any when I was swatching but I would certainly wear a good base coat if I was wearing this polish for a longer time.

Nails Inc - New King's Road - Swatches and Review

New Burlington Place

3 coats - no top coat
An absolutely stunning pink-red shade with an intense gold shimmer. The shift from red to gold makes this a really festive polish that I love wearing in Autumn/Winter. The formula is quite thin, and therefore needed three coats to build up full opacity. But this could be used over a red base colour to jazz up a plain mani.

Nails Inc - New Burlington Place - Swatches and Review

Clifford Street

2 coats - no top coat
A dusty lavender-grey creme polish with a fine gold shimmer. This is quite similar to New King's Road in both formula and finish. Again the shimmer is quite subtle - it's not showing up too well in the photo - but you do notice it when it catches the light. The pigmentation is rich and two coats is plenty for an opaque finish.

Nails Inc - Clifford Street - Swatches and Review

Wardour Mews

3 coats - no top coat
A sheer pinky-lilac shade packed with lots of green/gold shimmer. It has a similar feel to New Burlington Place, but maybe a little less pigmented. I found even with three coats there was still a slight hint of VNL, so this might be better used as a topper. This one is definitely shimmery and eye-catching, but I can't help thinking it's just a bit too garish (and old fashioned?). It's the type of polish I loved when I was younger but it's not something I'd reach for now.

Nails Inc - Wardour Mews - Swatches and Review

Sloane Gardens

2 coats - no top coat
A super dense, super sparkly, lavender-grey glitter polish. This bottle is quite 'old' so the formula had thickened up which made it easy to get an opaque finish. Also, I'm sure when I first bought this it was a navy blue shade, not grey - I guess this is proof that nail polishes really don't last forever 😭. The finish is unsurprisingly gritty, but it's not rough, it's quite similar to those textured polishes that we were all over a while back. I probably wouldn't even bother trying to even this out with top coat because it would need so many layers and it's pretty enough on its own.

Nails Inc - Sloane Gardens - Swatches and Review

I hope you enjoyed this little throwback post. I think it really is important to go back and 'shop your stash' sometimes as it's so easy to get caught up in the constant flow of new releases and forget about the (hundreds) of polishes you already have.

Does anyone else miss the old Nails Inc bottles? They were so nice and neat. Their new chunky bottles are very luxurious but they're so big - they take up too much room! #hoarderproblems



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